Gray Road, Oswego, New York

The Paradise Street? article references the "History of Oswego," Page 200, 201 as the source of information about when Paradise Street was laid out. The only reference to a road survey is as follows: "Schuyler Worden, from Cayuga county, was a pioneer on lot 29 (Minetto) about 1819. Mr. Worden states that it was all a wilderness at that time, there being no roads laid out except the fifth street and river road."

The article indicates that Paradise Street was surveyed in 1807, River Road in 1810, and Gray Road in 1813. If Gray Road was surveyed in 1813, then it is very likely that the Gray Road name was given to it at a later date. David Gray and Clarissa Patchin moved to Oswego in 1812 and David died in 1813. They settled on a farm located in Military Lot 21. Their son, Jesse Gray, purchased land from Alvin and Mary Bronson in 1832. This property is located in Military Lot 14, where Gray Road is located (see the Oswego maps from 1867 or 1889).

During a recent trip to Oswego, several local people referred to Gray Road as "Spooky" apparently because of the large trees along its length. I have a letter for 1924 from my Great Aunt Margaret Gray to her sister Thyrza where she talks about having the trees along Gray Road trimmed. The area is now completely populated with trees but the older, much larger trees are very evident at about 100 foot intervals. The old trees along the road are visible in the aerial map taken in the 1960s.

Barry and Brien Gray at the intersection of Gray Road and West River Road, Oswego, New York, June 14, 2012.

What the locals didn't tell us was that Gray Road has a reputation as being haunted by ghosts. Among other things, a taxi driver was shot to death on the road in 1961, as the following article confirms.

The Palladium-Times, August 10, 1961, Oswego, New York, Thursday, Page 4

Syracuse Taxicab Driver Fatally Shot on Gray Rd. State Police Report Confession From Suspect

A 38-year old Syracuse laborer reportedly admitted early this afternoon shooting a cab driver to death on the lonely Gray Road in the Town of Minetto late last night, according to state police.

Lt. Harry Blaisdel, in charge of the Bureau of Criminal Investigation at the Oneida Barracks, identified the murder suspect as Garry Bernard Rhinehart, 820 Wolf St., Syracuse.

The dead man was identified as Frank F. Coolidge, 54, of 130 Hovey St.. Syracuse, a driver for the City Taxi Co.

The article included a photo of the taxi cab.

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