Bob Gray Consulting (BGC) provides expert engineering services in electromagnetic effects. BGC capabilities include analysis of complex systems; test planning; test conduct; modeling and simulation; and specialized software development.

BGC personnel and consultants have extensive experience in the areas of high altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) effects and high power microwave (HPM) weapon effects. Recent activities have included:

  • evaluation of a government owned test facility to quantify its ability to simulate threat environments,
  • enhancement of a user friendly tool to develop design requirements for military systems that must operate in harsh electromagnetic environments,
  • inclusion of electromagnetic environments and system level effects in state of the art modeling and simulation applications,
  • verification and validation of a complex software model that predicts the reliability of military and commercial systems after exposure to a high altitude electromagnetic pulse.

BGC also provides assistance in the areas of digital signal processing, real-time software development, and electromagnetic sensing and surveillance system design and evaluation.

Company History

BGC was founded in May, 2005. BGC is a small business specializing in electromagnetic effects research and development. Since its founding, BGC has supported Department of Defense Agencies and their contractors in a variety of programs, as a prime contractor, subcontractor, or consultant, depending on the specific needs of the program.

Please send an email to Bob Gray for additional information on the company.