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My genealogy work started with information from my mother and a family tree that my sister made for a school project many years ago. The family tree was originally drawn on a long sheet of shelf paper, so when my mother provided me with a copy of the family tree, it was multiple sheets of 8.5" by 11" paper pasted together to cover the entire tree. I recently redid the Gray - Lynch Family Tree in Excel and have that provided that version here for review.

Y-DNA Test Results Establishing a link between David Gray and Henry Gray, Jr. by Bob Gray, July 28, 2017

Mary E. Lynch Gray's Family History Letter - My mother's recollections about the O'Brien family written in 1977.

Mary E. Lynch Gray's Early Childhood Memories - My mother's recollections about her early years.

Betty Lynch: An Educated Woman in Mid-Twentieth Century America - by Barry J. Gray, August 2017.

Researching my mother's Irish Roots - My mother's family came from Ireland in the mid-1800s. This is my attempt at identifying more of the family in Ireland. Bob Gray, March 2016

The O’Brien-Kelly Family from County Carlow, Ireland - This is a follow-on to the Researching my mother's Irish Roots article. This page provides information on where the O'Brien-Kelly family lived in County Carlow, Ireland. Bob Gray, October 2017

Update for the O’Brien-Kelly Family from County Carlow, Ireland - This update takes another look at the O’Brien-Kelly Family from County Carlow, Ireland using things I learned researching the O'Connell-Kennedy family. Bob Gray, January 2018

The O’Connell-Kennedy Family from County Cork, Ireland - This is a follow-on to the Researching my mother's Irish Roots article. This page provides information on the O'Connell-Kennedy family in County Cork, Ireland. Bob Gray, November 2017

Mark and Margart Gillan Cassidy in Troy, New York - My mother's paternal grandparents were born in Troy, New York. This page provides information on her paternal grandmother's parents after the immigrated from Ireland to Troy, New York. Bob Gray, January 2017

Photo Album for Robert Beckwith Gray - by his father, Edward Townsend Gray. This album has photographs of Bob from his birth in 1912 through 1938. Click on a year at the bottom of each page.

Beckwith History and the Family's Role in the War of 1812 - by Bob Gray. This page explores the validity of information published in multiple newspaper accounts about Thyrza Beckwith Gray and the stories she told of her family's involvement in the War of 1812.

The Genealogy of the Gray-Hort Family - by Mary Ann Timon. This article was originally published in the Oswego County Historical Society's 30th publication. 1969, p. 46-51. The author was a student of Oswego Catholic High School. The author acknowledges "Mrs. Ruth Ann Strong's private collection of family letters; news letters; pictures; medals; and collected information from past generations of Hort-Gray relations." Ruth Ann Strong was a descendent of David Gray and Clarissa Patchin.

Gray Family Tree c. 1916 - by E.T. Gray. There are two pages for the family tree, one for Grays and one for Beckwiths. Names without links to individual pages were unknown (or at least their name was unknown) before ET Gray's charts were found in December 2014. Future updates to the individual pages will include these individuals. If the chart does not display properly, download the PowerPoint file for the Grays or Beckwiths and click the slide show button to activate hyperlinks.

Early Gray/Lynch Family Photographs This page provides links to pages with early black and white photographs of the Gray/Lynch family in Erie, Pennsylvaia.

A photo history of the O'Brien, Lynch, and Gray families of Erie, PA - A collection of old family photos posted by my brother, Barry.

More photo histories published by my brother Barry. - Links to detailed pages for my mother, her parents, my parents' wedding, and the Gray-Lynch family of Erie, PA

Rebecca Jean Gray Fluegel's Oral History - as recorded by my brother Barry on January 9, 2015.

1919 Road Trip - by Bob Gray. This page presents the expenses and experiences as detailed by my grandfather, ET Gray, during a road trip from Johnstown, PA to Oswego, NY in 1919.

A Reconstructed Financial History for Edward Townsend (E.T.) Gray - by Bob Gray. This page attempts to reconstruct the financial history of my paternal grandfather, Edward Townsend Gray.

Photos of my brother William E. (Bill) Gray Francis. - posted by my brother, Barry.

Home movie of Robert B. Gray and Mary E. Lynch wedding, January 17, 1942, St. Peter's Cathedral, Erie, Erie, Pennsylvania.

Excerpts from the Life of Catherine Roglieri Pennes, By: Lisa-Renee Pennes, PH S 105, April 15,1985

Remembering my maternal grandmother with a few stories thrown in for those who were not around to know her, which is my version of the afterlife, By: Bob Gray, January 2017

The Engineer My mother's story about a picture that was in my father's office for as long as I can remember, By: Bob Gray, July 4, 2017

Rural Cemetery c1937 My father took video of a family trip to Rural Cemetery in Oswego, New York. This page presents to video along with who is in it. By: Bob Gray, October, 2017

Birthday wishes from my granddaughter in 2015 By: Finnian who calls me Raba
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