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Bob Gray Consulting  

Bob Gray Consulting

Providing Engineering Services in Electromagnetic Effects and Software Development.

Frank Lynch Family, c. 1922  

Gray - Lynch Family History

Family Lore of the Gray - Lynch Family of Erie, Pennsylvania.

E.T. Gray and Sarah Lomison Gray at Frank, Ruth, and Hellen Stevenson's home, c. 1930, Oswego, NY  

Gray - Lynch Family Genealogy

Results of my genealogy research for the Gray - Lynch Family of Erie, Pennsylvania.

Me working on models in my room c1958.  

Hobbies I have had over the years.

A look at the various things that have interested me.

1889 Map of Oswego County, New York  

Historical Maps of Oswego County, New York

Maps of early Oswego County with an emphasis on where my family lived.


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